Krista Hennebury, Sue Reich, and Cindy Taylor Oates chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest:  Krista Hennebury of Poppyprint

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "The one tip is to not start with a vision of the end. By that I mean let yourself play and have fun with fabric (it is only fabric), and let something evolve and make discoveries along the way that you can feel good about when you produce a completely original product at the end of your quilting."


Guest: Sue Reich of Quilt History: Layer by Layer

Topics: antique quilts

She says: "Those of us involved in documentation projects or people who are appraisers often see quilts [with thousands of pieces] come across their table. It was always such an interest because it is such a sampler of fabric from the time period. Most of these quilts are very deep scrap bags. Some of them have fabric in them that will go back 50, 60 years. It's not unusual to find a quilt from the 1880s that will have fabric in it from the 1830s."


Guest: Cindy Taylor Oates of Taylor Made Designs

Topics: embroidery tips

She says: "For someone that is ready to go today and wants to make it, look back through your collection of patterns. Maybe you have a Baltimore Album -- any line drawing that you have be turned into a redwork pattern just by tracing it to your fabric and using that. A children's coloring book would work or any applique pattern that you already have."