Shelley Cavanna, Stacy Iest Hsu, and Wendy Butler Berns chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Shelley Cavanna

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "My dad is a big architecture fan, so I grew up going places and looking at the architecture of things. So I really like intricate mosaic patterns like in the Alhambra in Spain -- these crazy patterns that kind of weave in and out of one another, and have those designs where if you look at the whole quilt you see one thing, but if you look at a portion of it, something else pops out."


Guest: Stacy Iest Hsu

Topics: sewing tips

She says: "Stuffing 3D projects is very simple. It's kind of like sculpting in a way. Start with small pieces of stuffing. A lot of times when people stuff, they want to put a big chunk in there and be done with it. With dolls, they have those thin legs and thin arms, and the key is stuffing small amounts of polyfill in there at a time, and getting it firm every time you put the next layer in."


Guest: Wendy Butler Berns

Topics: art quilts

She says: "An art quilt is designed to only go on the wall. And quite often you'll find lots of extra embellishing that's placed on it, whether it be beading or couching. The other piece of it is approaching it from an original design source. You, as that creator, are coming up with the design yourself, figured out what direction you want to take, and will be using a whole variety of different techniques."