Sherri McConnell, Charise Randell, and Barbara Cline chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

Topics: antique quilts

She says: "A few years ago my grandmother gave me this family quilt that was in terrible, terrible shape. And she said, I'm just going to give you this. No one else in the family is going to want it. And I looked at it and I was really intrigued by the pattern. Of course, it was made in the early 1930's without all the modern techniques that we have and rulers. And in some places it was a little difficult to see what the quilt maker was trying to do, but I took the quilt and I studied it, and finally I found the design in the Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia. I got the exact layout of the blocks, even though it was really hard to tell just from looking at the quilt. And I remade it with much larger blocks and using more modern fabrics. It's probably one of my favorite quilts ever just because my great-great grandmother made the same quilt, but she hand-pieced it."


Guest: Charise Randell

Topics: paper piecing

She says: "I like to use translucent paper. I found a really great vellum paper that I use that I get from Office Depot. And if I don't have my paper, I don't start the project. If you're using small pieces, instead of pinning the fabric to the paper, fabric glue is great...And that's especially important if you're fussy-cutting. It's really helpful in keeping everything in place." (Listen to the whole segment for more on this topic!)


Guest: Barbara Cline of Delightful Piecing

Topics: quilting inspiration

She says: "Throughout the generations quilting was part of my family's lifestyle. They made quilts to keep warm. But then for me coming along, my parents owned a fabric store. So for me it started diving in to more of the artwork, and the fun of it, and the excitement of piecing quilts. I started out traditional, because I would follow the patterns and start that way. And I guess my love of piecing just started to grow, and I kept going."