Host Pat Sloan takes you on the road, including a stop at Apron Strings Quilt Shop to visit owner Mary Honaker, on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

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Guest: Mary Honaker

Topics: Quilt Weekend 2018

She says: "Quilt Weekend has evolved over the years, but in it's current status, what we do is bring in some nationally known speakers to teach us and just share time with us. We do classes and lectures, and then we also combine that with a quilt show, and have all of our regional quiltmakers bring in their beautiful works. We have 56 pieces upstairs and then the Ohio River Valley Art Guild also has a one-woman quilt show."


Guest: Pat Sloan

Topics: UFOs (unfinished objects)

She says: "Mental clutter is something sticking there bothering you. You know how this feels, that is your unfinished project. Your unfinished project that calls your name and says, 'I'm still here.' And it takes up mental space, and it makes us tired. I have this whole group of quilts that need binding that are sitting where I can see them. So I'm going to take them and work on them in August. I'll get all the bindings made at once and them trim them all at once, like it's an assembly line. Than I'll do all the bindings by machine, and I'll proritize by which quilt I want done first to help motivate me."