Priscilla Knoble, Karen Nyberg, and Jennifer Keltner chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Priscilla Knoble of Stitch Publications

Topics: quilting inspiration, quilting books

She says: "Unlike Americans and myself, often in Japan when somebody decides to take on a hobby, they go find a master or an expert that they can learn under and they'll end up studying under that person really for many years. So rarely do you find a beginner go buy a book and then just start trying something on their own. They really want to understand from the basics how to do things."


Guest: Karen Nyberg, Astronaut

Topics: sewing in space

She says: "I didn't do a lot of planning. It's always easier if you have the right supplies and the right equipment. There probably is something you could devise for space sewing that would make it easier. The hardest part was planning and cutting and measuring because you just can't lay anything down."


Guest: Jennifer Kelter, executive editor

Executive editor Jennnifer talks about creating a quilting resolution and tips for getting creative every day. She also talks about quilting trends for 2014.