Sherri McConnell, Cheryl Brown, Laurie Harsh, and Leah Day chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

Topics: fabric selection

She says: "Most collections have different colorways, and I think using one collection to begin with can be a great way to start learning how to put fabrics and colors together. Just the mixture of larger prints and smaller prints that are in a collection can help you get comfortable putting those prints together."


Guest: Cheryl Brown of Quilter Chic

Topics: batiks

She says: "They usually use a little bit tighter cotton weave because of the way batiks are dyed. They use kind of a metal template thing that they'll dip in wax and then they dip it on the fabric. It's all done by hand. And then that's where the dye will not go. And then they'll put it in the dye vat, and they'll do that with different colors until they get the colors that they want."


Guest: Laurie Harsh and Jaime Guthals of Fabshop

Topics: Fabshop

They say: "We started in 1997 as an organization for shop owners and felt that there was a need for shops to connect more and share more, and so that was really the birth of FabShop. In year 2000, we decided the shop hops were so successful in local areas and the Internet was just emerging, wouldn't it be fun to be able to visit stores across the country via the Internet? And that was the birth of the FabShopHop and the bunny."


Guest: Leah Day

Topics: machine quilting tips

She says: "I always start by taking the stretch out of the fabric, and that is simply starching the top that you've pieced or appliquéd and then also starching and pressing the back of the quilt...Whenever you put that quilt and layer it together, the fabric's kind of going crazy and stretching and skewing on you. It's going to be really hard once you get it on the machine to keep it under control."