Janice Ryan, Janet Stone, and Kimberly Einmo chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Janice Ryan of Better Off Thread

Topics: cutting tips

She says: "When I'm cutting strips on a 45-degree angle, I like to starch everything really nicely, so that when you are cutting on a 45-degree angle your bias doesn't stretch as you are trying to piece everything together. So the starching really helps. Also, as you're cutting your angle, every two cuts check your angle. Because by the end you can get really off with your angle."


Guest: Janet Stone

Topics: applique tips

She says: "I like kind of different settings on things and things that are too complicated to piece into the background. So I'll actually do a little edge almost like a binding around each block, and then I'll just applique the whole block onto the background."


Guest: Kimberly Einmo

Topics: sewing organization, ironing tips

She says: "The things that I don't use a lot I will put in the back of the cupboard or that bottom drawer. I have a list of things and I have it taped up on the inside of one of those cupboard doors where it will tell what's in that wall of cupboards. Now the big things like batting or yardage, I just keep downstairs in a closet -- things that just take up a lot of space, and batting's one of those that I do stock up on that. I do keep that out of the way and I don't let that kind of stuff clutter up the other things. I keep the rulers and the cutters and the mats handy in that small space, but the actual yardage and things stays downstairs in a closet."