Mary Koval, Angela Huffman, and Kristina Brinkerhoff chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

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Guest: Mary Koval

Topics: quilt shop

She says: "Our store is a little bit different, because 90-95% of all the fabric in the store are just Mary Koval Designs. So when people come in and go, "Wow, your store looks different', it's because I don't have all the other designers' fabrics in my store. They're basically all mine. So most of the patterns are my own, so you're not going to see what see in my store in other stores."


Guest: Angela Huffman

Topics: machine quilting tips

She says: "When you start looking at trying to quilt a king-size quilt on a sit down machine, it's challenging. It's nice if you have a facility nearby like ours where you can rent out time on a long arm, you could finish your own big quilts. Or, for sure, there's loads of long-arm quilters out there who would happily quilt your quilts for you."


Guest: Kristina Brinkerhoff

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "I have a few quilt designs out where you actually do the piecing for the plaid instead of using the plaid fabrics. You piece it using a dark, a medium, and a light fabric... I thought instead of doing a pumpkin with plaid fabric, I could actually piece the plaid and that way I could make sure to get the right color that I want."


Guest: Pat Sloan

Topics: sewing tips

She says: "I think learning and going forward with your skills, opens up a whole new world for you in making. There are some things you can learn about knowing the basics. It does sound incredibly boring to learn the basics, but there are reasons that it helps you."