Listen to host Pat Sloan chat with guests Kathy Brown, Gina Reddin, Patti Connor on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Kathy Brown of The Teacher's Pet

Topics: fabric selection, scrappy quilts

She says: "I went back to that basic rule that you can do anything from the number five. I've used that number to develop the process of, 'Hey! Go out there and pick a focus fabric-whatever catches your eye, the most beautiful thing you cannot live without-and then build more fabrics around that.'"


Guest: Gina Reddin of Splinters and Threads

Topics: stamping on fabric

She says: "With the paint, I like to use a water-based paint because it doesn't have the additives in it that acrylic does. If it dries out, I'm going to be able to wash it off easily. With the acrylic, you have to be able to remove it immediately, or else it will build up inside all those fine lines, and you won't get the clear impression."


Guest: Patti Connor of Sam Sarah Design Studio, Inc.

Topics: applique tips, working with vinyl

She says: "I just made some placemats with some simple fusible appliqué on them, and then you don't have to finish the edges. You fuse a layer of the vinyl on the top and that seals everything in."