Listen to host Pat Sloan chat with guests Sara Lawson, Roseann Kermes, and Valori Wells on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness

Topics: bag-making tips

She says: "To insert purse feet into the bottom of my bag I like to use my seam ripper to make a small slit. I usually make the slit about 1/2" about 2" in from each of the 4 corners of the bag. After I made the slit with my seam ripper I follow that up with a bit of seam sealant and that just re-enforces the fabric so you don't get a hole in it."


Guest: Roseann Kermes of Rosebud's Cottage

Topics: quilt guilds

She says: "I know some guilds that combine their resources so they can get a more expensive teacher and will do it on a special night. One of the things that works to their advantage is that people then get to see the other guilds in the area and there is always that cross membership, too."


Guest: Valori Wells

Topics: designing fabric

She says: "The computer can really be your paintbrush for you, at least the way that I design a lot of the time. It's my color tool and allows me to change things really quickly and easily and saves me a lot of time. But I draw everything first and if it's going to be a big repeat, I'll draw out the whole repeat. And my scanner only scans an 8-1/2x11", so I'll then take this large 24x22" repeat and ink up sections, so I like to use either India ink of my Copic pens and stuff like that, so I'll ink them up and scan them in and then put them back together in the computer in the repeat."