Felicia Brenoe, Kat Tucker, Brenda Ratliff, and Heather Valentine chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Felicia Brenoe

Topics: paper piecing

She says: "My latest addiction is to make Log Cabin quilts, because that is the ultimate patchwork piece. I'm not a very accurate piecer myself, I will admit that. But I'm completely addicted to paper-piecing, so I've been publishing basically templates for Log Cabins lately, and that has been such a fun project, as well. With paper foundations, it doesn't really matter how small your piecing is, you are just stitching on the black line on the templates."


Guest: Kat Tucker

Topics: sampler quilts

She says: "I was thinking we should do something for Canada's 150th Birthday that is happening on July 1. And I thought, why not create a quilt?...I'll write about 150 Canadian-born women who have blazed their way...I picked out the easiest 150 blocks I could find, because I knew I had to write the patterns. And I knew the participants were making blocks every week. Let's just make it simple and add the women's stories to it."


Guest: Brenda Ratliff

Topics: quilting retreat

She says: "When we do our smaller retreats, I pick you a room if you don't tell me who your roommate's going to be. And I've never had anyone come up to me and I say, 'I want to switch.' And a lot of them end up being friends afterward. There are people who've come to my retreats who met years ago and then they come together now. They came alone and knew no one and now they're best friends."


Guest: Heather Valentine

Topics: embroidery tips

She says: "I actually have two Featherweights [that belonged to family members]. They're just beautiful. I actually have the cases and there's even a service receipt that I have for one of them. When I recently had my sewing studio outfitted with some shelving, I had a special place made for each one of them, and they stare at me while I sew. I get to feel like they're here with me."