If gifting a quilt is becoming more complicated that you'd like, try our ideas for sewing for an opinionated recipient. We also share ideas for building your stash on a budget, 10 quilty gifts we love, and info on washing and drying your quilts.
Episode 578

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Sew for a Picky Recipient

We've all been there: we offer to make a gift for a friend or family member. And what could be a simple act of love becomes a mess of opinions and frustrations. Some of the problem starts because non-quilters don't always have the understanding of colors, contrast, fabric needs, size, or even complexity and time that are necessary to make a quilt. So it becomes a clash of what's possible with the resources and time you have; what will look best in terms of fabric, color and pattern choices; and what the recipient wants. We share some solutions on how to work with a picky quilt recipient to make sure you both love the final quilt. And also, how to approach gifting in the future to make it easier.

Ask Us Anything

We answer this question for Bessie: "I'm a self-taught newbie. How do other makers build their stash of solids when first starting foundation paper piecing? I've seen beautiful FPP'ed quilts that use multiple shades of colors. I want to start building a stash of solids, but can't afford to splurge on yardage for dozens of colors. Do you have any tips for a newbie on a budget?'"

Products We Love

We share cute gifts you can buy other quilters in your life or put on your own wish list.

Lindsay's Musings

Lindsay shares the results of a recent poll she did on her Instagram. She asked quilters details about how they wash quilts. Lindsay dives into details on washing before gifting a quilt, the benefits of washing and drying both by machine and by hand, why to use Color Catchers while washing, and how often people are really washing their quilts.

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