On this episode, we walk through some strategies for dealing with negative comments about your quilts and moving forward in a positive way. We also share details about Quilts of Honor, our fave tools for hand-embroidery, and a fun binding trend we're seeing.
Episode 572

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How to Overcome Outer Judgement

This episode is Part 2 of 2 in a topic we're excited to explore. On this episode, we'll examine how to how to overcome outer judgement. (Last episode, we looked at the inner critic.) Despite the well-known phrase, "Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you", I think most of us would agree that words can and do hurt sometimes! Although quilting is a solitary hobby, our quilts still come in contact with a variety of people, and that opens us up for other's opinions and judgement. It may come from friends at a quilt guild meeting, from a family member you're gifting a quilt to, from a judge at a quilting show, or even people you don't know on social media. Whether the comments are well-meaning or not, having our quilting feel under attack is very stressful and hurtful. We put so much time and money into our quilts and feel so much joy while we're making it. And one mean or picky comment can suck all the happiness and pride out of the quilt. We walk through some strategies for dealing with off-putting comments and moving forward in a positive way.

What's On Your Work Space

Lindsay shares what projects she's packing up for an upcoming quilt retreat and how she's preparing for a productive time sewing.

Quilting Changes Everything

Back in August, The Texas Panhandle Quilts of Honor organization honored its first all-female group of veterans in its five-year history. This chapter of Quilts of Honor has made more than 550 quilts.

Handwork Happiness

Doris shares some history in the connection between quilting and hand-embroidery. Then she shares some of her favorite products and resources for hand-embroidery. They are:

What's Trending

Beth shares details of a trend we're seeing on social media and a lot of quilt shows. Adding bold hand-quilting stitches to a quilt or on the binding as another decorative and modern element to the quilt. If you don't want to do this by hand, you can use a Sashiko machine or see if your machine has a mock hand-quilting stitch.