Make your quilt pattern work for you with these tips for choosing one that fits your lifestyle, your needs, or even the fabric you want to showcase. We also share tips for overcoming the halfway slump some quilters experience on longterm projects, products we love, and our favorite tools for hand applique.
Episode 564

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Pick the Perfect Quilt Pattern

There really is no art to picking a quilt pattern. If you find one you love, make it! But if you're looking for something specific for a holiday or special occasion or have limitations on the time or fabric you have, there are some extra considerations to take. Lindsay walks through some of the choices you have when picking a pattern, including finding a pattern for the holidays or baby shower, picking a pattern that works with your schedule, and how to find a pattern that uses fabric in your stash.

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Quilty High Five

Alison gives herself a high five for using fabric from her stash and discovering the art of scrappy quilts.

UFO Challenge

Lindsay talks about the halfway point of projects and how that affects your productivity. The halfway mark is a known barrier that can lead to a project becoming a UFO. We offer a few solutions to overcoming the halfway point of project and finding the passion to finish it.

Products We Love

We share the products our staff is obsessed with, including:

Handwork Happiness

Doris shares her preferred tools for hand applique. They are:

  • Straw needles or milliner's needles. (Doris prefers Size 10 or Size 11 straw needles from John James Gold'n Glide or Jeana Kimball's Foxglove Cottage.)
  • Silk thread, such as YLI Silk Thread 100 weight or Wonderfil Invisafil in 100 weight.
  • Applique pins
  • Thimble
  • Thread conditioner, such as Thread Magic
  • Bias tape maker