On this episode, we share progress on our 2022 quilty goals. We also give tips on making progress on your UFOs and when to adjust your stitch length, and chat about the benefits of handwork.
Episode 557

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Quilty Goals Check-In

We're halfway through the year! Back in January 2022, we did an episode (Episode 541) where our staff shared our quilty goals for the year. We decided to do an update episode--both as a way to keep ourselves accountable, but also as a way to get back on track. So now 6 months later, we're all checking in to share our progress!

What's On Your Work Space

Alison shares details about a commission quilt she's making for someone expecting a child. The quilt pattern is the Road Trip Redux Quilt by Blooming Poppies.

UFO Challenge

Lindsay talks about how to tailor your time spent on UFOs to your personal schedule. Many times, our time spent on UFOs is in addition to other projects we're working on, our to-dos at home and work, and around quality time with family and friends. And that means, we need to be smart about how we use our sewing time, so we make the most progress.

Ask Us Anything

We answer this listener question from Marla K: "After years of sewing, I realized I've never changed my stitch length. Is that ok? Are there situations where I should be using a smaller or longer stitch length?"

Handwork Happiness

Doris shares some of the benefits of doing handwork -- and shares how handwork has been a part of her life since she was a child.