We share 7 signs that you may be experiencing creative burnout, and gives tips for how to overcome it. We also give opinions on whether or not to prewash fabrics, share top listener tips, give creative ideas for using toilet paper rolls in your sewing room, and tell stories of quilters making a difference in their communities.
Episode 556

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Creative Burn Out (and How to Solve It)

Many makers can think back to a feeling when they had a flow going. It's almost a magical time where you're excited to start and finish projects, you have lots of ideas for designs and color palettes, and you have energy to create. You may even lose track of time in your sewing room because you're so in the zone that nothing else matters. "Creative burnout" is the feeling that you've drained all of your creativity, and there is nothing left. You feel like you don't have the ability to create something for yourself or the world anymore. Lindsay shares seven signs you may be experiencing creative burnout (including procrastinating or comparing yourself to other quilters), and gives tips for how to overcome it.

Lindsay's Musings

Lindsay shares the results of a recent poll she did on her Instagram. She asked quilters whether they prewash their fabrics. 59% said they never prewash, 14% said they always prewash, and 27% said it depends on the color and type of fabric they're using.

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Listener Tips

Lindsay shares genius listener tips! Topics include basting tips, gifting quilts, comfortable machine quilting, and a cutting table hack.

If you have a tip to share, please email us at APQPodcast@meredith.com.

Get Organized

Lindsay shares five creative ways to use toilet paper or paper towel rolls in your sewing space. These ideas are free, functional, and are a sustainable way to reuse the rolls.

Quilting Changes Everything

Alison shares two stories of quilters making a difference in their communities.

Penelope Mahoney, a resident of the Bundaberg Region in Australia, has been using her talents to sew turbans for cancer patients. As a cancer survivor herself, she knows just how much of a difference a handmade item can make.

Women from the Girls Night Out and Friends Sewing Group have been working diligently for the past few months preparing 27 quilts to ship to England where they'll be donated to Ukrainian refugees.