Explore your personal sewing style to determine how to set up your dream sewing space! We also share what to do with quilts you no longer want, how to incorporate sustainability into your sewing room, and share tips to stop ruler slip while cutting.
Episode 543

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Create Your Dream Sewing Space, Part 2

This episode is a follow-up to "Create Your Dream Sewing Space, Part 1" (Episode 497). In Part 1, we walk our listeners through a visualization process to help them picture their dream sewing space. And then we share little steps they can take to get closer to that ultimate space. Part 1 focused on what we wanted our spaces to be.

In Part 2, we examine what we need our spaces to be. We walk you through questions to ask yourself to help determine how you work, how you like your organization, how your mind processes information, and more, so you can continue to build a dream space that caters to your individual needs and likes.

Reader Tips

On Episode 542 ("When to Let Go of a Project"), host Lindsay asked for some ideas for what to do with finished quilts she no longer wanted – and boy, did our listeners deliver. Lindsay shares many emails and suggestions that our listeners offered, including where to donate quilts, how to cut them up and turn them in to other projects, and more.

Lindsay also gives a shout-out to listener Bonnie of Lake Girl Quilts, who sent her a Bear Paw Quilt pattern when she heard that one of Lindsay's goals was to sew a Bear Paw Quilt this year. (The Bear Paw pattern is a freebie when you sign up for her newsletter.)

Sew Thrifty

Joanna  shares a few ways to bring sustainability into your sewing life while also saving some money, including repurposing materials in your home, saving scraps, sewing your own decor, and more.

Ask Us Anything

Lindsay answers this question from Debra Traub: "When I'm cutting fabric, my ruler shifts at the very end and my pieces don't come out the right size. Any tips to stop the slip?"