Did you make a New Year's Resolution to tackle your pile of UFOs (unfinished objects) in 2022? We have 10 tips to help you finish those quilts once and for all! We also share ideas of what to look for in your next iron, how to organize and store works in progress, and we chat with Clare Neff of Village Quilts in Canfield, Ohio.
Episode 539

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Our Guide to Tackling Your UFOs

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a UFO stands for unfinished object -- it refers to any project you've started, but have stopped making progress on. There are a multitude of reasons you may have an unfinished project. And there's no shame in having a stack of them! But for many of us, when UFOs start piling up, it can cause some problems for storage, for creativity, and for time management. We share 10 tips for making progress on your UFOs this year, as well as share about our UFO Challenge.

Sewing Toolbox

There are so many irons out there and buying a new one can put you out hundreds of dollars. So, you definitely want to take some time to think through how you'll use it and what features you'd love. We share some things to consider before buying your next iron, including heat and steam settings, soleplate options, weight and how it stands, travel ease, and more.

Get Organized

Get tips for organizing and storing works in progress. We share ideas for storage containers, what to include in the containers, and how to label and organize the projects.

Love Your Local Quilt Shop

Doris chats with Clare Neff, the co-owner of Village Quilts in Canfield, Ohio. Village Quilts is housed in a historic building from 1861. The quilt store opened in 2012 and features a wide variety of both traditional and modern fabrics. Clare shares the ways her store is involved in community efforts, including raffle baskets, pillowcase kits for those to make for local hospitals, and their support of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, which builds beds and supplies bedding for children who don't have any.