We share ideas for how to update a pattern to fit your specific needs and likes. We also give tips for overcoming hurdles when working on longterm projects, share products on our wish list, answer listener questions about moving sewing supplies to a new home, and share an editor's quilty mistake.
Episode 527

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How to Make Patterns Your Own

Part of the fun of being a quilter (and also part of the challenge) is seeing a quilt pattern you love and figuring out how to make it your own. We may be attracted to a pattern for a variety of reasons: we love the block or setting, we love the colors or fabrics, or maybe it's part of a quilt-along and we just want to join the fun! And while sometimes we may want to make a quilt exactly as it's shown in the pattern and at the exact same size, there are probably quite a few cases where we may want to switch things up to fit our specific needs and likes! Lindsay shares ideas for making a quilt pattern your own.

UFO Challenge

Lindsay shares tips for what to do when you hit a wall on a project. Many times, when you hit a wall, it comes from an overwhelming feeling of dread with how much you still have left to do on the quilt. But, if you anticipate this problem coming when you're working on a quilt, there are a few steps you can take right away to help you get over the wall so you can keep making progress.

What We're Loving

Lindsay shares products our staff and listeners are loving right now! They are:

Ask Us Anything

We answer two listener questions about moving to a new home. We share some suggestions for how to safely pack, transport, and store supplies, fabrics, and quilts during the process.

Quilting Mistake I Made This Month

Jody shares how sewing when she was tired caused her to sew half of the units wrong on a quilt project.