We share some fun ways to display quilts on your couch and add that handmade touch to your living room. We also share tips from our listeners, info about The Sewing Machine Project, and tools to make basting quilts easier.
Episode 519

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Create a Cozy Couch

Learn how to create the coziest couch ever, so you can have that beautiful space to relax with family or to indulge in some self-care. Lindsay shares some fun ways to display quilts on your couch and add that handmade touch to your living room.

Sweet, Quilty Home: Week 7

We are so excited to share all these tips about creating a cozy couch, because this week's Sweet, Quilty Home challenge is to do just that! This challenge lasts for 10 weeks (July 5-September 12). This program focuses on creating your best home -- a beautiful place to relax and be creative. Each week, we issue a challenge: one small step you can take throughout the week to brighten your home and set your space up for sewing success.

Quilting Mistakes I Made This Month

Lindsay then talks about a mistake she made. One little pinprick while basting a large quilt meant a whole lot of extra work spot cleaning blood from white fabric, a mistake which could've easily been avoided had she stopped to check her finger and put a bandaid on. It was a good overall reminder for her to slow down and not rush through the process, even on techniques like basting that aren't always enjoyable. And a lesson to listen to your body and stop quilting when necessary to avoid big mistakes.

Reader Tips

Lindsay shares the best tips submitted by our listeners, including organization and storage ideas, pressing tips, and a creative way to display Christmas fabrics.

If you'd like to email us a tip to feature on the podcast or our magazines, send it to us at APQTips@meredith.com.

Quilting Changes Everything

Alison shares the story of The Sewing Machine Project, a non-profit formed in 2005 for the purpose of bringing sewing into peoples' lives by offering sewing machines, tools, and education. They work with groups to provide opportunities to create, learn new skills, build self confidence, and contribute to their own livelihoods and the well being of their families and communities. Since 2005, they have distributed over 3,000 sewing machines, helping people become self-sustaining through sewing.

Sewing Toolbox

Lindsay share five tools that are commonly used to baste quilts (and may make the process easier for you). She shares the pros and cons of curved safety pins, safety pin fastener like the Kwik Klip, adhesive basting spray, fusible batting, and fusible powder.