Our staff share stories of how their quilting styles have evolved over the years.
Episode 512

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Evolution of Our Quilting Styles

Our staff is sharing stories of how their quilting style has evolved over the years. Some of us have been quilting a shorter amount of time and some have been sewing their whole lives, so it's really interested to dive into how things have changed for everyone over the years. We hope that by sharing our evolution that it encourages our listeners to think back on their own quilting journey and appreciate how far you've come, how your style has changed, and even reflect on some favorite projects or learnings you've had. Very rarely in this fast-paced world that we live in, do we take time to reflect on and appreciate our talents and to be proud of how far we've come, so we hope it inspires you to walk down memory lane, too.

Season Ending

This episode is the last episode of this season, season 11. We're taking a two-month break for the months of May and June to allow our staff to enjoy the nice weather with their families, continue to produce amazing content in our magazines and online, and plan a new podcast season of fun interviews and helpful tips and tricks! For all of our listeners, feel free to send us an email (APQPodcast@meredith.com) with any ideas you have for next season – people to interview, topics you'd love for us to discuss, questions you have! We hope you all have a creative and safe few months, and we'll be back before you know it.