We're sharing some MacGyver sewing tips to help anyone that finds themselves in a pinch for that last-minute holiday sewing. We also chat with the amazing Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin!
Episode 487

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MacGyver Sewing Tips

Do you all remember the TV show MacGyver? It stars Richard Dean Anderson as a character known for saving lives, defusing bombs, and getting himself out of sticky or dangerous situations using basic supplies like his trusty Swiss Army Knife, duct take, a paper clip, and chewing gum. In fact, his problem-solving tactics became so popular that the term "MacGyver" has now become part of our language to mean finding a simple solution to a problem using existing resources. Especially now, being able to adopt your needs in the sewing room can be handy during those late-night sewing sessions when you find out you don't have the right supplies. Or you can't wait for a supply to be shipped to you because it's holiday crunch time. Or because you're on a budget and want to keep sewing without buying all the fancy tools. Lindsay shares a few MacGyver Sewing Tips, so next time you're in a bind, you have a solution that can keep your progress on projects moving forward.

Stacy West Quote

Getting Sewcial

Jody chats with Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin. Stacy is a talented fabric and pattern design, author, quilt store owner, and business woman. She's well-known for mixing cotton and wool in her gorgeous seasonal designs. In this interview, Stacy shares how she started her business, her new quilt store, and her history designing fabric (she's currently designing both cotton and wool with Riley Blake Designs). Stacy is also the author of four books (and one coming up next year) with Martingale -- if you like vintage or seasonal designs, they're great resources. Stacy also loves vintage finds and a modern farmhouse look, so follow her antiquing adventures on Instagram here.

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