On this episode, we're sharing 10 tips for choosing fabric – picking fabrics and colors that look good together can sometimes be hard, so these tips will hopefully make the process easier. We’re also sharing a few inspiring stories of quilters making a difference in their communities, tips for making Flying Geese units, some products we’re loving, and ideas for keeping your UFO list from getting longer.
Episode 475

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10 Tips for Choosing Fabrics

When we ask quilters what they struggle with most, choosing fabric is always toward the top of the list. Alison Gamm shares 10 great tips with us.

  1. Start with a photo that you love for inspiration.
  2. Use a multi-color fabric print to pull a palette of your own.
  3. Look at the selvage of the fabric -- you'll see the color dots, which you can use to help pull together a palette.
  4. Dive into color theory.
  5. Aim to have a range of large, medium, and small prints.
  6. Have a mix of light, medium, and dark fabrics to create contrast.
  7. Test your color placement in Electric Quilt or on a coloring sheet.
  8. Make a test block to see if you love your colors.
  9. Have a go-to color palette.
  10. Play around and have fun.

Sweet, Quilty Home: Week 6

We are so excited to share all these tips about choosing fabrics, because this week's Sweet, Quilty Home challenge is to create a color palette from a photo you're inspired by! For those who don't know, our Sweet, Quilty Home challenge is something we're hosting on the podcast and social media! This challenge will last for 10 weeks this summer (July 6-September 13). This program focuses on creating your best home -- a beautiful place to relax and be creative. Each week, we'll issue a challenge: one small step you can take throughout the week to brighten your home and set your space up for sewing success. If you participate, you can use the hashtag #sweetquiltyhome on Instagram.

Quilting Changes Everything

Then Alison shares stories of quilters making a difference in their communities. If there's one silver lining to this pandemic, it's the fact that more and more people have purchased sewing machines with the goal of sewing masks. But, now that they own machines, they're looking for more sewing projects. Alethea Montgomery, a sewing teacher in Duluth, Minnesota, is more determined than ever to teach students the basics of sewing. (Read more of this story here.) You'll also hear about a Mazomanie, Wisconsin, restaurant that is using its workers quilts as social distance barriers to keep customers safe. (Read more here.)

Back to Basics

Joanna Burgarino shares tips for making Flying Geese units. Flying Geese are probably one of the most popular quilt block units, especially if you make a lot of star blocks. Even if you've made them a few times, these tips will help you get consistent, accurate results.

What We're Loving

Lindsay Mayland shares What We're Loving, a segment where we share some products, books, or people we're loving right now! Sometimes you just need a little creative project to work on between sewing larger projects. Today, we're sharing some fun projects you can get shipped right to your house! Links to products below:

UFO Challenge

Lindsay then jumps into our UFO Challenge segment, where we address common finishing problems, so you can complete your UFOs. Since the pandemic hit, many of us have been spending more and more time on our phone. Social media is a great tool for connecting with other quilters, but it can also quickly turn into an overwhelming place where we're constantly bombarded with new patterns, fabrics, and quilt-alongs. And this can make our to-do list and our UFO pile grow larger by the day. So, we have a few tips to share to stop social media from adding to your UFO list.