We chat about how to display your quilts safely outdoors so you can enjoy them as you spend more time outside. We dive into the history of English paper piecing and the pros and cons of various marking tools. A member of staff shares a fun project that she’s working on right now – and we give tips for anyone who wants to have their fave quilt store featured in Quilt Sampler magazine
Episode 471

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Set Up an Outdoor Quilt Display

The weather is warm, and if you're like Lindsay Mayland, you're probably spending more and more time outside. Now is such a great time to bring some of your quilts outside – not only for you to enjoy, but also to bring joy to others who may be venturing by your home, too.

And while Lindsay loves displaying a quilt on her front porch, there are a checklist worth of things she consider before putting one of her precious quilts outside:

  • Check the weather first. Is it going to rain? If there's even a small chance of bad weather, save the quilt display for another day.
  • Is it pollen season? If your front porch sits directly under a tree that drops pollen, avoid putting my quilt out during this time. Otherwise, your quilt would be covered in a thin layer of yellow dust.
  • Will your quilt be sitting under an area where birds congregate? If so, you could be in for a messy situation, if you know what we mean.
  • Does your quilt sit in direct sunlight? Over time, sunlight can weaken threads and fade quilts. So, just make sure you're rotating your quilts on display often.

Sweet, Quilty Home: Week 2

We are so excited to share all these tips about displaying quilts outdoors, because this week's Sweet, Quilty Home challenge is to display a quilt outdoors! For those who don't know, our Sweet, Quilty Home challenge is something we're hosting on the podcast and social media! This challenge will last for 10 weeks this summer (July 6-September 13). This program focuses on creating your best home -- a beautiful place to relax and be creative. Each week, we'll issue a challenge: one small step you can take throughout the week to brighten your home and set your space up for sewing success. If you participate, you can use the hashtag #sweetquiltyhome on Instagram.

Collector's Corner

Jody Sanders shares the history of English paper piecing. For many of us, we may think of the of the 1930s and the traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt made with hexagons in pastel colors. But the origin of combining hexagons to make a quilt dates back to England and the late 1700s. She also shares the amazing story of Albert Small and his hexagon quilts (one made with 123,200 quarter-inch hexagons).

Sewing Toolbox

Joanna Burgarino explores marking tools in this segment where we explore the basics tools you use daily in your sewing room. She covers the pros and cons of six different types of marking tools: air-soluble pens, water-soluble pens, permanent markers, plastic marking tools, fabric pencils, and erasable office supply pens.

 What's On Your Work Space

Joanna then shares what's on her work space right now. After a recent paint job inside her home, she was inspired to create a table runner using new and exciting colors to fit her space. She is using aqua, navy, lime green, and an interesting pale yellow color in her version of the Season of Thanks pattern in the upcoming Fall issue of Quilts & More magazine.

Quilt Sampler Nomination

Special shout-out for Quilt Sampler magazine. We are always looking for fantastic quilt shops to spotlight in future issues and the deadline for the next magazine is August 1. Now, quilt shops have to nominate themselves in our application process. But sometimes quilt shops need a little nudge from their customers to know they're worthy of being featured and that they deserve all the recognition. So, if you have a favorite shop that's doing great things for their customers, please tell them to nominate themselves.