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How to Get an Accurate 1/4" Seam Every Time

As quilters, the first thing you were probably taught was the importance of an accurate 1/4" seam. But that doesn't mean it's always the easiest to accomplish! Each machine is different when it comes to sewing your seams and if you're in a hurry, you may sacrifice accuracy for progress. While this isn't always a bad thing, if you find that your units and blocks aren't lining up right, these tips from Doris Brunnette, the editor of Quilt Sampler, may help you regain your accuracy!

Behind-the-Scenes from the Crafts Lab

Doris and Jody Sanders, the editor of American Patchwork & Quilting, share some of the trends they saw at Quilt Market in Houston in October 2019. From animals like the bee and cats to colors like blues and purples, there are some popular motifs and themes they saw across upcoming fabric lines. The editors also discuss specific techniques and quilted items that are becoming popular and what you may start seeing more of in your local quilt shop. Listen in to hear all the trends they saw.

Getting Sewcial

On today's show, Lindsay Mayland interviews Jess Zeigler of Threaded Quilting Studio. You'll recognize Jess as the person conducting the interviews for our podcast the last 6 months. She's moving on to new adventures in her business, so we wanted to chat with her on what she has upcoming. We also talked to her about her favorite memories of being a part of our podcast -- including the interview she had to do in a surprising location and her most meaningful interview. Jess also talks about her Longarm League,  a mentorship program she runs for longarm quilters to learn from and support each other in their businesses.

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