Linda Hahn, Jennifer Ofenstein, and Josh Dunn chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Linda Hahn of Frog Hollow Designs

Topics: quilt piecing tips

She says: "I use a lot of starch. I'll starch fabric before I even begin to use it. Then everytime that I'm pressing something, whether it's pressing seams or I sew two pieces together and I press that, I'm starching it. I think that gives you a really crisp seam."


Guest: Jennifer Ofenstein of SewHooked

Topics: Fandom in Stitches

She says: "In 2005 I started working on Harry Potter blocks...what I found was that in the community that I was in (which was very Harry Potter and craft focused) was there was a lot of other people who wanted to do the same thing...Fandom in Stitches was born because of that. And I had friends online who were designing and didn't really have an outlet for their patterns, because they just wanted to share things that they loved, and it was books and movies and music. And so I realized that there was really a need for a place for all these patterns and this community to come together...It's been an amazing ride, it's better received, and become bigger than I could ever imagine. The number one thing for us is keeping it free so it's accessible. My greatest joy is getting emails that say, 'I never quilted before but I love this theme so I'm going to learn how'."


Guest: Josh Dunn of Moda Fabrics

Topics: Moda 40th Anniversary

She says: "Lissa Alexander had this really great idea as we wanted to make the [Quilt Market] exhibit interactive. I always think that is really cool. There are pieces in MOMA and pieces across different art galleries in the world where you have interactive pieces where they actually want you take something, or they want you to leave your mark. We came up with the idea to do that same thing with ours. We have little pieces of off-white fabric that you could go up and sign, say whatever you wanted. Some people put their names, when they first started, just a message. So, what we plan on doing is putting it together to make a large quilt to be our mark in the ground of Moda's 40th anniversary. And so we plan on hanging it in the warehouse, so we can be reminded daily about everyone who's gotten us to this point and who we're actually working for."