Diane Bohn, Amy Barickman, Amy Ellis, and Jennifer Keltner chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Diane Bohn of From Blank Pages

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "We all are so unique, and we all have those gifts and talents. I think especially as quilters we all have that artsy, creative side to us. I think it's part of it, you end up digging down inside yourself and finding what you like. Not just copying somebody else, but really connecting with yourself."


Guest: Amy Barickman of Indygo Junction

Topics: Fabri-Flair product

She says: "My favorite way to use Fabri-Flair (dimensional paper piecing patterns) is with treasured textiles from maybe your family. Whether it's Grandpa's tie and you're able to make a couple of ornaments for your cousins, or you found a tattered apron that your mom used to wear that you can preserve the memory, it's really a project with a lot of purpose and meaning."

Guest: Amy Ellis


Topics: sewing short cuts

She says: "I will spend all day cutting, and happily cut three or four different quilts and keep them all in separate bins, so I can keep track of what goes where. Then I'll slowly work through piecing it all. I like to chain-piece and do that for as long as I can. And then go the ironing board for however long that takes me -- that could be a whole day."


Guest: Jennifer Keltner of Martingale

Topics: Moda All-Star book series

She says: "I think what's so cool about that collection of Moda designers is that you all have your own look already in your fabric and that sort of leads you down a path of the kind of quilt designs you specialize in. We just get to pick the best of all those great ideas and genius quilts and put them together."