Rebecca Ringquist, Sandra Clemons, Mickey Depre, and Diane Knott chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Rebecca Ringquist

Topics: embroidery tips

She says: "The reason I like to use a hoop is that it helps maintain tension on the fabric so that your hands don't have to do that. I think using an embroidery hoop can lessen the tension on your hands and allow you to embroider longer with less hand strain."


Guest: Sandra Clemons

Topics: color

She says: "Anything you find pretty like a china dish or a photograph from a magazine clipping or colors from your flower garden -- use that to select your color scheme for your fabrics. You can take that inspiration even a step further, while looking at that inspiration, consider the weight of color. How much of blue was used in it? How much of green was used in it? When you start taking your fabrics to match the colors you'll then know what type of weight or how many more fabrics to use."

Guest: Mickey Depre


Topics: color

She says: "I always tell my students, make a few practice blocks. Before you commit to an entire palette, play around with the colors. Make these practice blocks. They become, in my quilts, the back art."


Guest: Diane Knott of Butterfly Threads Quilting

Topics: scrappy quilts

She says: "I live by the theory more is better. If I'm going to use strips, then I'll probably cut three, four, five times more strips than I need. Or I'll pull out a whole palette of the colors that I want to use, then I'll start editing from there. I'll notice that the ones that I like the best I tend to go back to more and more. Generally, it's not a very restrained process. I definitely go with the 'more is better'."