Listen to host Pat Sloan chat with guests Nancy Kerns, April Rosenthal, Annie Unrein, and Lindsay Fullington on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Nancy Kerns

Topics: applique tips

She says: "The main reason I like thread basting is because it keeps my pieces nice and flat. We've all seen applique where the applique pieces themselves look like a little tent on top of the background. It sticks up, and that is because the applique piece wasn't adhered to the background well before the stitching and it shifted."


Guest: April Rosenthal

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "I am a firm believer that everybody is creative. And everybody can be creative. I get a lot of people who tell me, 'Oh no, you're so creative and I'm not. I can't do that. Hand me a pattern and I can follow it step-by-step but I'm not creative'. Honestly I feel like if you hand anybody the right tools, they can't help but be creative."


Guest: Annie Unrein

Topics: bag-making tips

She says: "Use good quality zippers. I use handbag zippers and what sets them apart from other zippers is that they have twice as wide of a zipper tape and an extra big pull, which makes them much easier to put in."


Guest: Lindsay Fullington interviews Pat Sloan

Topics: sewing short cuts

Pat says: "Be sure that you always have something out, you have it ready, and that you have a place for it. And that you don't have to go and hunt and clear space and dig through your stuff just to sew."