Jennifer Heynen, Erin Harris, and Cheryl Arkison chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Jennifer Heynen of Jennifer Jangles

Topics: embellishing quilts

She says: "A lot of the millinery is little tiny wires, so you can usually sew around those and get them attached to pincushions or I have a draft dogers that has little flowers and birds on it. The gum drops and other little plastic that came off Christmas garland that I put on a pincushion, those are such thin plastic that you can sink your needle through them without a problem. There's no drilling involved or anything like that."


Guest: Erin Harris of House on Hill Road

Topics: cutting tips

She says: "Looking at shapes that are not with straight edges on the grain of the fabric is a little intimidating for some people, but it can be really easy to incorporate them into your quilts if you know how to handle it. One thing when you're doing diamonds is all four sides generally have the bias edge, so starching your fabric before you cut it is a great idea. It helps stablize those bias edges. Also, a lot of people piece their quilts without pinning if they are just doing straightforward squares or something like that. But in the case of diamonds, pinning them so that their tips overlap the 1/4" so you know they'll line up correctly is another great way to make sure you're successful when you're sewing them."


Guest: Cheryl Arkison

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "There are steps that you need to take to go from idea to quilt. For me personally I'm a sketcher. I'm a bad sketcher, but I like to get it down on paper because when I get it down on paper some way ... you can start drawing the lines and seeing how a block might come together or how a quilt top could look."