Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Amy Johnson, and Lisa Bongean chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.
Trusting Her Instincts

Guest: Victoria Findlay Wolfe of Bumble Beans, Inc.

Topics: quilting inspiration

She says: "Focus on what you like. I find when I go into teach a class, people are very quick to say "oh, I don't like that color" or "I don't like that pattern". We can always come up with the things we don't like. But if I can get them to focus on the things that they like, whether it's one, two or three colors or three prints. You always keep coming back to those three things you like and that helps people move forward."


Guest: Amy Johnson of Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures

Topics: machine quilting tips

She says: "I don't like a lot of gadgets (small house, small budget). But the rulers allowed me to be really free with my free-motion, but still give things some structure without having to do math or measuring or a lot of marking."


Guest: Lisa Bongean

Topics: quilt piecing tips

She says: "But one of things that I do with my fabrics before I start any quilt, whether it's flannel, homespun, regular cotton (but not wool), I will starch my fabrics. And what I mean by that is I actually saturate them wet, hang them to dry, and then when they are completely dry, I iron them, stack them, and cut them as I would any other quilt. And the reason why we want to starch is because it creates a nice stiffness. It's just so much easier to piece (especially tiny) with starched fabrics."