Kathy Shaw, Heidi Parkes, Leslie Tucker Jenison, and Lissa Alexander chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

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Guest: Kathy Shaw

Topics: crazy quilts

She says: "Quilters, like me, have a lot of tone-on-tone fabrics and solid fabrics and small prints, which are all wonderful to use with crazy quilt blocks. I like to tell me students that the quilt block itself when you piece it becomes the canvas. And the embellishments (which are the main focus of any crazy quilt) like embroidery work, the beads, the charms, the silk ribbon work -- these are all the things that are going to bring color and life to the quilt."


Guest: Heidi Parkes

Topics: mending

She says: "Because of the slow fashion movement and the many artists doing things with the #visiblemending hashtag, they're very inspiring. And being able to see the effects of fast fashion helped to give me some pride in what I was doing anyways, and I realized it was special. So now, same as with my quilting, I've really transitioned to enjoy mending by hand and quilting by hand more than with a machine."


Guest: Leslie Tucker Jenison

Topics: healthy quilting

She says: "As a quiltmaker, I get so absorbed in my work that I have no sense of time passing at all. I can be in my sewing room all afternoon and all of a sudden it's dark outside. So what I've had to actually start doing is setting the alarm on my phone, because if I don't do that, I don't remember to take a stretch break. When I do the stretch break, I also make myself a cup of tea, and I get a frozen bottle of water and roll it up and down my arms and hold it in my hands. Ice reduces the inflammatory process."


Guest: Lissa Alexander

Topics: scrappy quilts

She says: "I love color, so when I say 'scrap quilts,' I don't necessarily feel like it's including the kitchen sink. But I love working with each of the Moda designers and using some of their fabrics and putting those all together, so a lot of my scraps would've been leftover from precuts. So it's not like I have tons of different things -- but bits and pieces from charm packs or Layer cakes or just leftover fat quarters. I truly just like playing with the colors."