Photo Credit: News Tribune

Story originally published by News Tribune.

After a massive tornado hit Downers Grove, Illinois, and left town citizens in devastation, Nancy Rick-Janis knew she had to do something to replace a small part of what was lost.

"After seeing the devastation, I went home and said 'What could I do to help comfort the residents here,'" Nancy told News Tribune.

Nancy called upon her quilting group to see if they had any quilts left for donation, but unfortunately, only found 11 baby quilts in their stockpile. That didn't stop her however, and she reached out to other guilds around the area to see if they had anything they could part with.

"The response was incredible," Nancy said. "We ended up collecting 110 quilts."

The quilts were given first to those who were displaced, and then handed out to others after that. All the recipients were happy to have a small piece of comfort given back to them and were eager to find ways to help the effort as well.

To see what the donation meant to the residents, watch the video below.