Photo Credit: CBS News

Story originally published by CBS News.

The quilting community is filled with all kinds of personalities, but we can guarantee that you've never met a quilter quite like Ben Venom.

With a studio in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, Ben spends much of his time sewing quilts with strong, aggressive imagery. His inspiration pulls from his childhood filled with punk rock and heavy metal music, but what makes the self-taught artist unique? He makes his own rules.

"There's a right way, there's a wrong way, and there's the way I just decided to do it-which is my way," Ben told CBS News.

The quilter got his start after he visited a quilt exhibition in 2006. From there, he made his first quilt using a worn Testament T-shirt and other recycled fabrics. Now, recycled fabrics are a staple in his quilts. He specifically enjoys using acid-washed jeans and old rock T-shirts, but you will also find anything from leather jackets to goatskin in his artwork.

"In a nutshell, I would say my art is a collision," Ben said. "It's a collision of fine art, crafting, and what I call the fringes of society. And that refers to, like, motorcycle clubs, punk rock, heavy metal, the occult, mysticism, folklore, paganism. I take all those and I collide 'em together into one piece."

Ben's quilts sell for thousands of dollars and carry a uniqueness that matches his quirky personality. Exhibited all over the world, the clash between whimsy and hard rock draws all kinds of people to see his creations.

Photo Credit: Ben Venom