For more than 25 years, Quilt Sampler magazine has featured North American quilt shops, their owners, and their exclusive projects. We are always looking for fantastic quilt shops to spotlight in future issues of this highly sought-after newsstand publication.
quilt sampler nomination

Top 5 Nomination Tips

1. Apply! Click here to submit the online form. If you haven't nominated your shop in the last few years, we might not know about you and your shop.

2. Show us your shop's personality. Include a variety of photos: an exterior, a few overall interior shots, and some examples of displays. (If your shop is selected, we'll send a team to take photos for the magazine.)

3. Tell us what makes your shop special. Many shops offer great customer service, but why would a quilter drive 100 miles to visit your shop?

4. Have a friend or VIP customer that understands your business review your nomination information before you submit.

5. Don't be discouraged! Sometimes factors outside your control—such as geographic diversity, variety in each shop's offering, etc.—prevent your shop's inclusion. If you don't get selected this year, apply again next year.

Attract New-to-You-Customers!

The shop profile gives readers an opportunity to shop your store through the pages of the magazine.

We'll work with selected shop owners to feature a magazine-exclusive project. Expand your customer base by offering a kit of fabrics to accompany your project.

Apply Anytime!

We are always accepting submissions. To apply, go here.

Here's a list of questions and information you'll be asked to provide, so that you can be prepared to fill out the nomination form:

  • Basics about your shop (address, phone number, business hours, website address, number of staff, etc)
  • Details about your store (approx. # of bolts, classes offered, types of fabrics)
  • Why did you open/purchase this quilt shop?
  • What drives you to excel in this business?
  • Where is your shop located? Why did you select this location? Please describe the building, its surroundings, and the community.
  • Besides customer service, what distinguishes your quilt shop from others? What would make someone drive 100 miles to come to your shop?
  • What are you most proud of?

You'll also be asked to upload up to 10 photos (.jpgs) of your store that include:

  • 1 exterior
  • At least two overview shots of interior
  • How you display samples
  • Unique features of your shop

In lieu of photos, you can submit a video walk-through of your store (please narrate as you show us around the store) or give us a link to a Dropbox with images/video.


Please contact our editorial assistant, Lori Eggers, at 515/284-2874 or, and she will direct your question to the person who can best answer it.