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How to Have Your Shop Featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine

For more than 25 years, Quilt Sampler magazine has featured North American quilt shops, their owners, and their exclusive projects. We are always looking for fantastic quilt shops to spotlight in future issues of this highly sought-after newsstand publication.

Twin Cities Quilting

Expect the unexpected at a progressive shop where ingenuity and hard-to-find fabrics flourish.

Sew Inspired Quilt Shop

A quilt shop creates a loyal and energetic following through community, curating, and convening.

Quilt Gallery

A northwest Montana quilting destination since 1983 has moved forward with a new owner and location while honoring its past.

Pinwheels Quilting

A Georgia quilt shop started small and mighty and grew to big and bold in a short time.

Old Town Quilt Shop

It’s easy for quilters to find a happy place within this creative community where all things bright reign.

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Mended Hearts Quilting & Boutique

An accomplished quilter found a way to mend her heart and give back.

Lyons Quilting

The route from the Denver airport to Rocky Mountain National Park goes through Lyons, Colorado, where a savvy store owner has made her quilt shop a destination of its own.

Seven Sisters Quilt Shop

Vintage sewing machines, teacups, and an appreciation for all types of quilting (with samples to prove it) draw customers to a small-town Michigan shop.