Photo credit: Kelly Monitz

Story originally published by The Standard Speaker

Betty Rosata was browsing the Internet when she found an opportunity that would introduce the art of quilting to young students. Immediately contacting her fellow sewers, the Cranberry Quilt Guild in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, planted themselves at their sewing machines and got to work stitching quilts to match popular children's books.

Once the quilts are completed, the members attend book readings at local schools, community centers, and libraries where they bring the quilts and read the corresponding book to young children. Some of these books include "Bear Feels Sick" and "Corduroy Goes to School," but they have an assortment of projects that fit for children in kindergarten-fourth grade.

Members of the guild told The Standard Speaker that children love feeling the different materials used in the quilts. They hope that this project will inspire students to appreciate reading, but also to channel their own creativity.