Photo credit: Melony Overton, Wave photo

Story originally published in The Port Lavaca Wave

Under the watchful eye of his grandmother Dianna, Easten, 8, inserted the needle into a row of 5-inch quilt squares to finish a panel during the annual Port Lavaca Quilt Guild "Grandma and Me" program. "Okay, Nana, help me here," Easten said to Dianna. Dianna brought four of her grandsons to the program. "They have been here a few times before. I hope they learn to be able to take care of themselves when they are older, that they learn a life skill," Dianna said.

Guild present and charter member Donna Younger said this is the 15th "Grandma and Me" program. "It encourages people to get their kids out to do something else besides be on electronics all day. It keeps the art of quilting alive," Younger said.

Sixteen guests, including adults and children, were spread out at tables working on their quilts during the program. Helayna, 9, planned a nautical-themed quilt, which featured dolphins. "I wanted to do something blue, beachy and mermaidy," she said. Dillon, 15, his brother Logan, 13, and their mother Joanna worked on a sports-themed quilt. Joanna, who has been a member of the guild for four years, talked to her sons about how to sew their panel together as the boys pinned the squares. "I hope they will be able to learn how to sew and not depend on Mama." And Madison, 11, and her grandmother Kathleen worked on a nature-themed quilt, that included a flower and an "M" initial applique. Poessel, who has been a guild member three years, brings Madison to the program often. "I hope she enjoys it. I grew up sewing. My mother and grandmother sewed. My mother sewed all my clothes. I learned to sew clothes. It's fun," Kathleen said.

An upcoming guild quilt show will feature a new category called "Rising Stars" that will feature quilts made by children ages 8-18.

Photo credit: Melony Overton, Wave photo