Photo credit: The 419

Story originally published on The 419.

Al and Janet Theuer have spent two years making quilts for families involved in the Help Me Grow Early Intervention program, a program that serves children under age three with developmental delays and disabilities.

The couple created Chelsea's heart, the program that makes these donations possible, in memory of their daughter and have since donated over 200 quilts to provide comfort and support to families with premature infants or infants born with a medical condition. Al and Janet love to travel, and always stop at local quilt shops to buy unique fabric for the quilts they're making. When the quilt is finished, they hand them over to a Help Me Grow representative to give to a family ready to take their baby home. Because the duo has never seen a family actually receive their quilt, the Help Me Grow staff wanted to do something special for Al and Janet to show how much they are appreciated. They made a fleece blanket with pictures of the little ones and their quilts, and then presented that to the couple. Filled with emotion, this blanket was proof that what they are doing is making a difference in someone's life.

Photo credit: The 419