Photo Credit: ABC 6

Story originally published by ABC 6

Daniela Di Lorenzo has a talent and a cause. Her talent-quilting; her cause-cystic fibrosis awareness.

Daniela has spent 10 years quilting and has never given away a quilt. Once she collected more than 100 quilts, she knew that it was time to put her creations toward something bigger. Her son Mario, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, was the inspiration for what was to come.

The mom of four decided to sell each quilt for 200 dollars and then donated the proceeds to children at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio who suffer with cystic fibrosis. Daniela's handmade quilts sold out quickly, and she continues to take orders for her project "Mario's Quilts."

Now, Daniela says she has raised nearly $30,000 for children in the hospital. Her now 24-year-old Mario is proud of all that his mother has accomplished, saying "it is so selfless."