Photo Credit: Sarah A. Miller

Story originally published by the Tyler Morning Telegraph.

Kat Drinkwater is a nurse studying to become a nurse practitioner. She helps people every day and has touched the lives of many patients in more ways than one. Being a nurse isn't enough, however. The Texas resident has spent the last three years sewing quilts to donate to individuals with chronic diseases and terminal illnesses.

"Handmade quilts brighten and warm up a room and give the family something to talk about," Kat told the Tyler Morning Telegraph. "It's also meaningful to the family to have something to take home that covered their loved one in their final stage of life."

Kat created Covered in Love after she saw a higher demand for her handmade quilts. With the help of a personal blog, she was able to relay her message all over the world and recruited other quilters to contribute to the cause. More than 100 quilters have now donated to Kat from all over the world, the furthest living in New Zealand.

Now over 150 quilts have been donated, and all of them are unique in their own way-just like the patient who receives one. Kat hopes that these quilts will bring a sliver of hope to families during difficult times.

"A homemade quilt is like a hug that you send off in the mail," Kat said. "You can send it to be where you're not."