Photo credit: The Grommet

Story originally published by The Grommet.

Hundreds of thousands of people find themselves living on the streets during what can be brutal winter months. Their circumstances vary, but many times they find themselves in the middle of severe weather with a lack of proper supplies. That is until a Detroit-based non-profit designed a multi-functioning coat.

Veronika Scott created the EMPWR coat. This water-resistant, self-heating coat transforms into a sleeping bag for nighttime and a crossbody bag for the off-season. It began as a class project. Veronika and her classmates were challenged to design something that fills a need in Detroit. She came up with her innovative coat after doing research at homeless shelters.

While the coats are definitely useful, Veronika realized that many homeless people needed more long-lasting help-jobs. To give homeless people a chance at financial stability, she started The Empowerment Plan. This non-profit employs individuals from shelters to make the coats, then donates them to people living on the street around the country. The company's workforce is able to give back while getting back on their own feet.

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