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This month, Lillian Weber of Bettendorf, Iowa, turns 101 years old. Last year, her name made headlines as she finished sewing her 1,000th dress to donate to Little Dresses for Africa. The organization, founded by Rachel O'Neill in 2008, has sent millions of dresses to 50 countries in Africa and other in-need continents. The dresses go to orphanages, churches and villages, and play an important role in keeping women safe and happy. "Lives are really saved because of these dresses. When a little girl is wearing a new dress they're much less likely to be messed with because someone knows they're being taken care of," said O'Neill.

Ms. Lillian, who has been sewing for more than 90 years, heard about the Little Dresses organization in 2011 and made the goal to sew 1,000 dresses before she turned 100. She averages sewing one dress a day. Not only does Ms. Lillian make the dresses, but she personalizes each one, so that the little girls who receive the dresses feel special and loved. Not only did she hit her goal, but she surpassed it! For her 100th birthday, Lillian finished sewing her 1051st dress.  She says the sewing mission gives her something to do and keeps her out of a nursing home. "There's no age limit to this. Somebody who's 100 years old still putting out this quality with such a positive and inspirational message, it's just been wonderful," said O'Neill.

If you want to know more about Little Dresses for Africa or see how you can help, visit their website.