Photo Credit: CSB 4

Story originally published by CBS 4.

No parent should have to endure their child's passing. Knowing the pain a child's loss causes, one Indianapolis, Indiana, woman is working to give comfort during tragic times for mothers of fallen police officers.

Sheri Bradway's son, IMPD Officer Rod Bradway, died in the line of duty just over three years ago after a domestic disturbance call went wrong. Though Sheri and her husband, Tom, received a tremendous amount of community support, she saw a gap when fallen police officers families are honored.

"There's nothing for a mother to say that they're remembered," Sheri told CBS 4. "Everything is given to the wife and children, and I understand that, but it leaves an empty space for a mom."

Because of this, Sheri decided to take matters into her own hands. A long-time quilter, she started the non-profit called A Quilt for Mother's Tears, an organization that sews quilts for the mothers of police officers killed in the line of duty. Drawing from her own experience, Sheri knows how comforting these quilts can be for grieving mothers. The reactions of the mothers make her efforts worthwhile, especially because of what one mother shared with Sheri about the comfort of her quilt.

"She now wraps up in it with her morning coffee and she's got her hug from her son," Sheri said.

With the help of several volunteers, Sheri will donate more than 300 quilts by the end of the year. Gifting these quilts to other mothers is what gives Sheri comfort during her own healing process.

"I'll never forget him," Sheri said. "There will always be an empty spot, but by me being able to help others has helped me heal."