The Roll It Up method of making a pillowcase is super fast, easy, and creates a band with no exposed seams. Download the pattern at:

Download the pattern at:


Hi, I'm Linda, and I'm going to show you the American Patchwork & Quilting One Million Pillowcase Challenge Roll It Up pillowcase. What we love about this pillowcase is that it's so easy and so fast. The other great part about this pillowcase is that the way you put it together, you have no exposed seams, so you don't have any risk of raveling, which makes it much more durable. And that's great if you're donating this to someone who might not be able to take quite as good care of it as you might at home. So let's get rolling on that pillowcase. If you want to follow along with printed instructions just click the link below to download the PDF that has the Roll It Up pillowcase instructions. It has all the measurements you'll need. So the first thing you're going to do is lay your band, and you're going to lay it right side up on your work surface. Next you're going to take your body piece and lay it on top of the band with the top edges aligned, those top long raw edges. Next comes the rolling. So roll your pillowcase body up. And you're going to just roll it like a burrito about half way up that band. You don't want to go much further than that, so stop there. Next, you're going to take your band piece and roll it up and over your roll. I'm going to pin it in the center and then I'm going to let you see what the ends look like, so you can easily tell if you've done this right. So you can see the band first part is right side up. The body is facing, and honestly it doesn't matter which way you have the body fabric, but the sake of this, facing down is the easiest to remember. Then the next piece is layed over that, and that's the band rolled around. We're going to put in pins about every four inches. So now I've got it all pinned. You can see my roll still well inside away from my pins. And that's what I want to make sure of. I don't want to catch that roll when I'm sewing. So I sometimes run my finger all the way down the length of the pillowcase just to make sure that roll is out of the way of the pins and the sewing. So you can see I've sewn this seam at a 1/2". And now we're going to turn it right side out. Here's where the magic happens. You're going to poll back the cuff and pull that roll f the body out, just like turning a sweater sleeve right side out again. Or your pant legs. So you're just going to keep sliding it out. And if you pull on the far end, the right side end of the band, that seems to help. And here we go and there you have it. So you can see the band wraps all the way around from the front to the back and your top seam is enclosed. Isn't that an easy way to add a band to the Roll It Up pillowcase? If you'd like to know how to finish your pillowcase, check out our video on French seams.