Photo Credit: Suzi Thayer

Story originally published by The Boothbay Register.

Monday nights are dedicated to quilting for one group of Boothbay Harbor, Maine residents. Kwilts 4 Kidz started nearly 10 years ago making fleece blankets for ill children. Once consisting of only a few members who made around three handmade quilts a year, the group has flourished now with 12 members. Their turning point? Colleen Gaffey and her large quilting machine.

"Colleen has moved us to a different level," group member Sue Burge told The Boothbay Register. "I don't know if we'd be here if not for her."

The women now make up to 50 quilts a year, 35 of which were made by Colleen alone. Not only do they make quilts in all shapes and sizes, but they also sew pillows, baskets, and bags. Aside from their earnings from quilt shows, most of the money that goes toward new supplies comes out-of-pocket. Financials don't scare them away, however, because donating the quilts to people in need is well worth it for the group of quilters.

"Our quilts are nothing more than a warm hug from a group of women," Burge said. "We are a group of women who have caring hearts for people in crisis."

Photo Credit: Suzi Thayer