An eight-year-old in Orange County, California, is proving that your size and your age don't determine how big your heart is!

Khloe Thompson, at the age of 8, is using her talent to help those less fortunate in her community by sewing bags for homeless people. Called Kare Bags, these bags are made and designed by Khloe and her grandma, and filled with items women need on a daily basis.

Instead of giving these items in a large plastic bag, Khloe thought every women should have a nice sturdy bag to put their stuff in. Khloe says, "I wanted to give them a special bag, because I thought they would need a bag they could keep forever." With the help of donations from friends, family, and classmates, she fills each bag with toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths, soap, feminine products, and lotion.

Khloe isn't stopping there! She's hosting a toy drive this summer and has plans for a community potluck. And she was recently on the talk show "The Real", where they gifted her a brand new Janome sewing machine.