Photo Credit: WHO TV

Story originally published by WHO Channel 13 TV.

From the moment of their first encounter, Disney princesses twirl in the minds of young girls as they patiently wait for their prince charming to sweep them off their feet. It's every little girl's dream growing up, but one girl's dream turned into her own personal fairytale ending.

Joel Lynch drew inspiration from his fiancé's favorite movie-Beauty and the Beast-to plan his proposal. With Belle's yellow gown being an iconic part of her character, he knew he had to find a way to incorporate it into the special moment. So what did he do? He got to sewing.

Though he had never touched a needle and thread before, Lynch spent months working on a recreation of the gown, sometimes spending 14 hours sewing in one day. When the moment came, he had the finished dress set up on a mannequin in their college's library. Cara Szymanski burst into tears as she opened the doors and saw the gown that so closely resembled her favorite Disney princess'. As she put on her fiancé's masterpiece, Lynch kneeled down on one knee with "Tale As Old As Time" softly playing in the background. In case you were wondering, she said yes!

As the song goes, this is a tale that will last a lifetime for the happy couple. Check out the video below for pictures!