Photo credit: University of Huddersfield

Story originally published by the University of Huddersfield 

World-renowned textile designer and color enthusiast Kaffe Fassett has dedicated his life to creating art. One of the most influential figures in his field, the 78-year-old is best known for his bold creations and dedication to current textile design students. His constant encouragement of the students to step out of their comfort zone is what prompted the United Kingdom's University of Huddersfield to award him an Honorary Doctorate. (The University has a 175-year tradition of textile education and resides in a town with a heritage of high-quality fabric production.)

Kaffe was first inspired to join this artistry as a child when a local artist visited his school. Over the years, his passion has evolved into a lifestyle that he says he will never retire from. Kaffe refused to take full credit for this honor, and instead hailed it a win for all artists, saying, "It's for the whole field of imaginative, creative people who are working with textiles and exploring color. I'm so happy that someone thinks it's important enough to actually celebrate that."

Watch the video below to see Kaffe talk about how his career is influenced by different cultures and lively colors.