Photo Credit: The Morehead News

Story originally published by The Morehead News.

Zoe Glover has endured more in her short life than most kids her age. The latest occurrence? The fourth-grade student recently underwent heart transplant surgery and is in the midst of a long recovery. She's not fighting alone, however, because the staff and students at her elementary school worked on something extra special to let Zoe know she's on their minds.

"I wanted to buy her something or make her something and since I'm a quilter, I thought about making a quilted pillow or bed cover, something that would let her know that she was being remembered," Sandy Williamson, the school nurse, told The Morehead News.

Sandy contacted Debbie Howes, a fellow quilter and mother of a teacher at the elementary school, to make the blocks for the quilt. After that, Zoe's peers all signed a block and then helped Debbie finish the quilt. Michelle Hildebrandt, Zoe's fourth-grade teacher, is inspired by the unconditional love her classroom has shown Zoe in her time of need.

"The kids want to help her feel better in any way that you can, so it was very sweet of these kindhearted ladies to include them and create this gift that Zoe can keep forever."